The “Nashville” Season 3 finale didn’t go well for Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). She was still in denial about her postpartum depression and ended up throwing a snow globe at Avery (Jonathan Jackson) while he was holding their baby. Luckily, the glass object missed him. When Avery confronted Juliette, the country music star tried to brush off the incident. However, Avery knew that he couldn’t stay there, so he packed up the baby and left. It wasn’t an official breakup, but it seems the couple is splitting up for at least the beginning of “Nashville” Season 4.

Executive producer Dee Johnson discussed Avery’s new single father status. “That is not easy for anybody,” Johnson told the Hollywood Reporter. “They're in the real world, and it certainly isn't easy given the emotional blowback of having had that happen with Juliette so I'm sure that it won't be easy... He's in a desperate situation so we'll see what happens.”

With Avery taking the baby away, and Juliette on tour, it doesn’t seem like the characters will be spending much time together next season. Yet, Johnson reminded fans that the two musicians will always be connected because of their baby. “Anytime people have children together, they are tied together for life, and it's just a question of how they make that work or not,” Johnson explained.

Juliette’s postpartum depression isn’t the only hurdle the couple will have to get over. In her hyperfocused state, she was so intent on reviving her career that she decided to hire Jeff (Oliver Hudson) as her new manager. Juliette cheated on Avery with Jeff last year, which caused a temporary breakup. That’s definitely an action that hurt Avery, but they might be able to get over it eventually. Even though she hurt her husband, it doesn’t look like Avery will be filing for divorce.

“We haven’t had an opportunity to really break next season, but in my mind, I love that couple — I think a lot of people do,” Johnson told TV Line. “I think a lot of people are rooting for them. In my mind, I don’t think it’s a season-long… they’re never going to be perfect, but I don’t think it’s going to take a season to get them back together because they have too much tying them together.”

That’s a relief for Javery shippers. Unfortunately, Deacon (Charles Esten) and Rayna (Connie Britton) fans weren’t as lucky. Johnson wouldn’t drop any hints about if Deacon was the one who flatlined during the liver transplant in the Season 3 finale. Johnson teased, "As dire as it seems, there are a lot of different outcomes that could spring forth from that situation.” 

“Nashville” Season 4 will return to ABC in the fall. Are you happy that Juliette and Avery are staying together or do you want to see them with other people? Sound off in the comments section below!