No longer will you have to wait for Game of Thrones or visit a fake castle to witness jousting.

Thanks to the National Geographic Channel's upcoming reality TV version of Medieval Times -- the new series Knights of Mayhem -- the competitions of the Ultimate Jousting Championship will be on TV each week.

The series, which premieres on November 15 on NGC, follows Ultimate Jousting Championship founder Charlie Andrews as he and his fellow jousters try to launch the competition as a professional sport.

The modern-day Lancelots are no joke, as they don 130 pounds worth of armor, carry 11-foot-long wooden lances and ride around on 2,000-pound horses, while trying to knock each other to the ground.

When you hit each other with 11-foot solid lances, one of you could get killed, and that is a reality, says Andrews, who, in addition to competing, also devotes his non-training time and finances to promoting the sport.

This is my time to take professional jousting to the masses, he says. This is all or nothing. We will sell out arenas across the United States.