Comedian Nathan Fielder’s new texting prank may be the perfect way to ruin a relationship. In a Wednesday afternoon tweet, Fielder encouraged his 75,000 Twitter followers to attempt a diabolical social experiment.

“Experiment: text the person ur dating 'I haven't been fully honest with you' then dont reply to them for 1 hr [sic],” Fielder tweeted. He also encouraged the texting prank’s intrepid participants to respond with pictures of their significant other’s reaction.

Unsurprisingly, most victims of the “I haven’t been fully honest with you” prank had a hard time keeping their calm. “Is this about what you’ve been doing at the ‘gym?’” asked one girlfriend. “Lets just end it with me thinkin the best of u [sic],” another wrote.

Fielder’s new texting prank is the comedian’s latest foray into the world of trolling. In April, the “Nathan For You” star urged his Twitter followers to “accidentally” send a drug-related text to their parents, and then to post pictures of the fallout.

Each follower was instructed to text "got 2 grams for $40," followed by “Sorry ignore that txt. Not for you [sic].” Of course, the prank caused a good deal of distress among the experimenters’ unsuspecting parents.

Fielder, 29, has starred in the eponymous Comedy Central series “Nathan For You” since 2013. He also performed a guest voice role on second season of “Bob’s Burgers.”