Tuesday marks National Chocolate Day, but what’s the point of indulging in the decadent treat without getting a free sample? For many chocolatiers, consumers don’t have to wait for Oct. 28 to sample the luxurious treat. Instead, many companies offer freebies on a monthly or even weekly basis.

How To Get  A Free Sample Of Godiva:

By joining “Godiva Rewards,” which is free, members can get a free piece of chocolate from the Godiva store each month. Members also receive a free gift for spending $20. Free standard shipping for one online order and exclusive offers every month.

How To Get A Free Sample Of Lindt:

Sign up to become a “Lindt Lover” by joining their email list. People in the club are lucky enough to get a free chocolate of the week sample simply by going to the store. Members will receive one point for every $1 spent. Twenty-five points are automatically given to members when the sign up. After 100 points are earned, Lindt issues a $5 coupon. For National Chocolate Day, consumers can enjoy 25 percent off the entire site.

Chocoolate Tuesday, Oct. 28, is National Chocolate Day. Photo: Reuters

Possible Free Snickers Bar:

Snickers are reportedly the most popular chocolate bar for Halloween. This year, they are giving away 990,000 coupons for a free full-sized Snickers, which means the chance of winning a free chocolate bar is pretty high, Sample Buddy wrote.

Quick Facts:

Chocolate lovers have helped created a $83 billion a year business, CNN reported, citing research firm MarketsandMarkets. Europeans reportedly eat half of the world's chocolate, while the average American eats 11.7 pounds every year. Mars, an American company that is the top manufacturer of chocolate, sold $17.6 million worth in 2013.

Netizens were excited for chocolate's national day and took to Twitter to share their enthusiasm. 

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