Just two days away from the NBA Trade Deadline, the Magic are running out of time to make a decision on Dwight Howard.

Orlando might be willing to trade the star if they could get equal value in return. The problem is Howard will only agree to sign a contract extension with a few teams. Any team that wouldn't be able to sign Howard to a long-term deal likely wouldn't give up a whole lot to rent him for the rest of the season.

Howard has reportedly told the Magic that he wants to be dealt to the Mavericks, Nets or Lakers. Orlando is not enamored with what any of those teams have to offer.

Now, Sports Illustrated is reporting that Howard would also like to join the Heat.

If Miami could somehow pull off a trade for Howard with Chris Bosh as the centerpiece, they would easily become the favorites to win the title.

However, it's hard to believe that the Magic would give up any chance of keeping him in order to obtain Chris Bosh. Bosh makes a lot of money, and has not proven that he can be the best player on a good team.

The idea of trading LeBron James for Howard has been suggested before, but it has not been talked about in trade discussions between the two teams.

With Howard likely leaving at the end of the season and wanting to play in Miami, the Magic should seriously consider sending their center to the Heat.

If Miami is serious about being a perennial title contender for years to come, they should at least think about making a deal.

But instead of trading James, they should consider moving Dwyane Wade.

James is three years younger than Wade, and doesn't have the injury history of his teammate. James has never played less than 74 games in a season, while Wade has done so three different times.

James is also a better player than Wade. He's one of the most talented players of all time, and is having one of the greatest individual years the NBA has ever seen. He's averaging 27.7 points per game on an incredible 55.2 percent field goal percentage.

Wade and James are great players, but they essentially play the same position. Howard would give the Heat the best perimeter player, as well as the game's best center.

It's hard to imagine the Magic turning down such a deal.

The trade would give Orlando one of the best players in the game in exchange for a player they would probably lose in a few months anyway. Not only would Orlando get back equal value, but it would keep them competitive this season.

Don't expect the Heat to give up on the Big 3 less than two years after the Decision. But for basketball purposes, the trade would make sense for both teams.