Before the season started, it seemed like a forgone conclusion that Dwight Howard would be traded by the Mar. 15 deadline.

Now, just a week away from the deadline, it doesn't look like Howard is going anywhere.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports that there's a good chance the Magic will hold on to the All-Star center.

Howard has said he would like to be traded to the Nets, Lakers or Mavericks. Despite his wishes, the Magic have remained steadfast in their quest to sign Howard to a long-term contract.

Orlando is holding out hope that the 26-year old will decide to re-sign with the Magic at the end of the season. The Magic can offer Howard more money than any other team if they decide not to move him during the year.

The Magic have reportedly rejected proposals that have included Brook Lopez, Andrew Bynum and Monta Ellis as centerpieces of a deal. It seems that they have to be blown away by an offer to even consider trading Howard.

Wojnarowski points out that the Magic have an aging owner who is not interested in rebuilding his team. Richard DeVos bought the Magic in 1991 and is currently 86 years old. He has been adamant about wanting to keep Howard.

Howard's actions have also given Orlando pause when it comes to trading him. His trade request still stands, but he hasn't ruled out returning to Orlando next year.

Unlike Carmelo Anthony last year, or Chris Paul at the beginning of the season, there is a small chance that Howard could sign a new contract with the team that drafted him.

As long as that small chance remains, Orlando will be reluctant to trade the best center in the NBA.

The Magic might change their minds by Mar. 15, but Orlando hasn't given any indication that they will be parting ways with Howard before the season is done.