The Oklahoma City Thunder are interested in making a trade into the Top 3 of Thursday night's NBA Draft to grab Bradley Beal, according to reports.

The Thunder reportedly fell in love with Bell at the NBA Draft Combine, but know that they need to make a deal with either the Charlotte Bobcats or Washington Wizards to land Beal. The Thunder have been in discussions with the Bobcats about the No. 2 pick, but have balked at trading James Harden, this season's Sixth Man of the Year, for an unproven talent like Beal.

Harden had a disappointing performance in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, but makes up the Thunder's Big 3 alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. There have been some rumors about possibly moving Harden before he becomes a free agent and demands a huge contract extension, but it's very doubtful the Thunder would be willing to move one of their most vital players after just losing to the Heat.

The Thunder aren't the only team looking to move up in the draft to acquire Beal, though. The Wizards would like to land him at No. 3, but the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly interested in dealing their two first-round draft picks, No. 4 and No. 24, to move up to No. 2 to acquire Beal.

If the Cavaliers were able to jump up to No. 2, the Wizards would likely trade down to allow for someone to move up and take Thomas Robinson.