CBS’ “NCIS” will have a wedding this season! It’s been quite some time since Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) and Delilah Fielding (Margo Harshman) have been in a committed relationship. So, it’s perfectly natural that the Senior NCIS Agent planned to propose the love of his life in Season 14, episode 4. However, it’s a good thing McGee did not implement his original plan on how to pop the question to his lady love.

Here’s what happened in “NCIS” this week in an episode suitably titled “Love Boat”:

A Murder At Sea

Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Palmer (Brian Dietzen) and Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) are called on board a tiger cruise to investigate the death of a woman named Vivian Mills. The Naval ship is permitting friends and family to spend time with their loved ones on the ship during the last few days of the cruise.

A Popstar

At first, only a few people on board the ship know about the murder. But when popstar Kasey Powers, who is on a goodwill tour, gets wind of a dead body, she tweets her several million followers about the ghastly news. Which means now the whole world knows someone died on a Navy ship.

Of course, Kasey is a well-known celebrity, so many people on the ship want her autograph. Including a father who wants her to sign an autograph for his daughter. Fame sucks, right?

The Investigation

Gibbs’ team quickly focus their investigation on Seaman Baxter since she found the body. They also do a little digging and realize that she and her brother were supposed to be on the cruise but her brother couldn’t make it because his car broke down. Then “NCIS” Season 14, episode 4 takes an interesting turn. The team learns that there is an impostor posing as Baxter’s brother. Even though Baxter’s brother never made it to the ship, someone definitely posed as him and entered the cruise. The impostor has his driver’s license too.

Moreover, a damaged drone was found near Vivian’s body. The team does a little digging and discover that Vivian’s cousin David is good with drones. Quinn decides to play cards with him and get him to talk. However, her plan fails. Time is also running out.

Palmer shows Gibbs and Quinn a locket that Vivian wore. “Time with you is never wasted” was inscribed on it.

Abby discovers footage of popstar Kasey in the restricted area using whatever data she could salvage from the drone. The team confront her and she confesses to being there but only to attract the younger generation to join the Navy. You see, her grandfather was in the Navy too.

The NCIS team is back to square one.

Fortunately, they make some progress by discovering that the impostor is a photographer looking to sell pictures of Kasey on the ship. The drone was his and he was using it to take her photos.

Finally, a breakthrough occurs in the case in “NCIS” Season 14. Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) finds out that Merrick Gomer is on the ship. He is a domestic abuser and his former wife has a restraining order against him. Gomer is on a mission to kidnap his son and he killed Vivian because she recognized him. Gomer’s wife and Vivian are friends and the minute she saw him on the ship, she confronted him. That’s when he killed her.

The NCIS team stop Gomer from kidnapping his son just in the nick of time.

Furthermore, the team learns that Vivian’s cousin David isn’t her cousin, he is her lover. He only wished that he had proposed to her before since they were madly in love.

McGee’s Original Proposal Plan

Back in the orange room, McGee was busy planning the perfect proposal to Delilah. He has everything planned including date, time and place of going down on one knee. The only issue is, he wants the sun to be at a certain angle when it happens and that doesn’t happen for another six months!

Inspired by David’s love for Vivian, McGee ditches his plan, takes his ring and heads to the elevator. He just wants to meet Delilah and waste no time in popping the question.

Their Engaged!

Just then the elevator door opens and in it is none other than Delilah. Wasting no time, McGee proposes to his lady love and she accepts! A wedding is going to take place in “NCIS” Season 14.




“NCIS” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.