Brandi Glanville and NeNe Leakes, two outspoken stars of “The Real Housewives” series, might seem like they’d get on famously, but Leakes recently revealed that she’s hardly a fan of Glanville.

According to Radar Online, on Sunday night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live” Leakes told Bravo host Andy Cohen that she doesn’t approve of Glanville’s blunt ways or her drinking habits.

“Brandi’s just a train wreck. Just a wreck. Just a wreck,” Leakes said. “She’s just off the chain, she’s off the hook [with] a lot of the things that she has to say, just so talkative.”

Leakes added that she met Glanville at a Bravo event when the “Drinking and Tweeting” author had imbibed a little too much and was apparently talking a little too much for Leakes’ liking. According to Leakes, Glanville says “a lot of stuff that she needs to NOT say. She’s going to get read.”

When asked to elaborate, Leakes added that Glanville said “just negative stuff, things like she thinks she’s a gangsta, or something. She thinks she can get in people’s faces and say whatever she wants to say.”

“I like her when she’s not drinking,” the Atlanta reality star added. “Brandi and drinks don’t work for me.”

Not one to take such remarks lying down, Glanville took to Twitter after the episode had been broadcast to share her own thoughts.

On Monday, Glanville tweeted, “Its a little scary wen peeps start 2 believe their own hype &drink their own Kool-Aid taking responsibility 4 every1's success :/ [sic]”

Glanville also used Twitter on Sunday night to respond to user @locke_dina, who asked “What do you think of Nenes comments about you tonight?” Glanville answered, “watching now&havent heard yet,but honestly dont give 2 much of a f--- what someone @NeNeLeakes who has only met me twice thinks.”

Glanville has a history of getting into drama with cast mates like Adrienne Maloof and Faye Resnick, but Sunday night marked the first dispute she had with an Atlanta cast member. Maloof, who recently announced she would not be returning for a new season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” claimed that her ongoing feud with Glanville factored into her decision.

“The final straw was Brandi bringing up my children. She got kicks out of trying to humiliate me,” Maloof told Us Weekly. “I made it very clear [to producers] from episode one that I wouldn’t do the series if my children were involved in any way.”