We’re already two weeks into November and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here. While Christmas movies always dominate the month of December, Thanksgiving films are harder to come by, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch some Thanksgiving TV specials.

From multiple Thanksgiving episodes of “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “New Girl,” to animated specials from “Rugrats” and “Hey! Arnold,” there are many Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes to watch on Netflix. Check out 16 of the best below:

1. “Friends” Season 1, episode 9 – “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”

Monica’s plans for her first Thanksgiving dinner with the group don’t go as planned as they ditch dinner to watch a runaway Underdog balloon from the New York City holiday parade.

2. “Friends” Season 3, episode 9 – “The One With the Football”

Tensions run high during a Thanksgiving touch football game as Joey and Chandler argue over who gets to date a model.

3. “Friends” Season 4, episode 8 – “The One With Chandler in a Box”

Like the title suggests, Chandler agrees to spend his Thanksgiving in a shipping crate after kissing Kathy.

4. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 1, episode 9 – “Belly Full of Turkey”

Ted and Robin shockingly see Barney volunteering at a homeless shelter. Meanwhile, Lily freaks out after having to spend Thanksgiving with her future in-laws.

5. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 3, episode 9 – “Slapsgiving”

The beginning of a “How I Met Your Mother” tradition; Lily and Marshall spend their first Thanksgiving together as a married couple while Barney is tortured by the slap bet countdown.

6. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 5, episode 9 – “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap”

Another Thanksgiving, another “slap bet.”

7. “How I Met Your Mother” Season 6, episode 10 – “Blitzgiving”

Ted plans to host Thanksgiving for the gang, unfortunately for him, they spend the entire night before drinking with an old friend: The Blitz.

8. “Rugrats” Season 4, episode 22 – “The Turkey Who Came to Dinner”

The Pickles house is full of problems with the main one being no turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, the guys have a problem setting up satellite dishes while the kids put on their own Thanksgiving parade.

9. “Hey! Arnold” Season 3, episode 14 – “Arnold’s Thanksgiving”

For some reason, Arnold’s family is celebrating President’s Day on Thanksgiving, while Helga isn’t having better luck at her house.

10. “Family Guy” Season 10, episode 6 – “Thanksgiving”

The whole “Family Guy” crew gets together for dinner at the Griffin house but there’s one unexpected guest: Joe’s missing-in-action son, Kevin Swanson.

11. “Glee” Season 4, episode 8 – “Thanksgiving”

Finally out of Ohio, Rachel and Kurt have a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner in New York City.

12. “Gilmore Girls” Season 3, episode 9 – “A Deep–Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

Lorelai and Rory don’t have one Thanksgiving dinner to attend, they have four. The mother and daughter team must head to the Kim’s house, Luke’s, Sookie’s and Emily and Richard’s.

13. “New Girl” Season 1, episode 6 – “Thanksgiving”

With Jess’s crush in attendance for dinner, Thanksgiving goes horribly wrong in the loft.

14. “New Girl” Season 2, episode 8 – “Parents”

Jess invites her divorced parents over for dinner with the intentions of getting them back together.

15. “New Girl” Season 3, episode 10 – “Thanksgiving III”

Nick, Jess and the rest of the group take a camping trip for Thanksgiving.

16. “Parenthood” Season 2, episode 10 – “Happy Thanksgiving”

Adam fears for his future, Camille and Amber bond while making Thanksgiving dinner and Crosby wants to impress his future mother-in-law and Julia tries to make pies.