Acer is apparently gearing up to release a new all-in-one desktop with Chrome OS in June. The device will be a non-touchscreen Chromebase and will carry model number DC221HQ.

It reportedly will cost $329.99. A touchscreen-based variant will go for $429.99. The touchscreen version will be available starting in July, notes Android Central.

Both versions will reportedly feature a 21.5-inch display, aided by a 1080p screen resolution, guaranteeing wide viewing angles. Plus, the tiltable desktop stand is apparently adjustable between 15 and 75 degrees. It will have an optional VESA-compatible stand, along with bracket, arm mount or wall mount.

The devices will be powered by a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor and will have 4 GB of DDR3 RAM. As for connectivity, the Acer Chromebases will come with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, along with a HDMI out and support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.0. There also will be a in-built HD webcam.

The company says the Acer Chromebase DC221HQ series is quite easy to use. Once logging in to Chrome using a Google account, the user automatically will be signed in to all available Google services. In addition, the Chromebase devices apparently come with pre-installed apps. Additionally, over 30,000 additional apps, along with themes and extensions, can be bought at the Chrome Web Store.

Acer has not set a release date of new desktops beyond the months. Acer’s press release says, "The Acer Chromebase is ideal for customers wanting to leverage the speed and simplicity of the Chrome OS. We're confident customers will also appreciate the automatic updates and layers of security that make this platform easy to use and hassle-free and at an affordable price."

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