Much of Katt Williams' career has been clouded by legal trouble, but as of late, it seems that's the only reason he's making headlines. Williams was arrested on Monday in Atlanta for battery — but new details suggest he was involved in an even uglier incident just hours prior.

Attorney Loletha Hale is accusing the troubled comedian and his posse of using weapons to intimidate five young women, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. During a press conference Hale said Williams, 44, and a team of around 15 men got physical with the unidentified women who were in Atlanta visiting. They then allegedly stole each woman’s cell phone. Hale said the phones were not retrieved from Williams or his team, which she views as a failure on the part of the Atlanta police department.

“The police should have conducted a thorough investigation,” she said. “They should have retrieved these young ladies’ cell phones at the very least.”

The alleged armed robbery was just one of two violent incidents linked to Williams' stay in Atlanta. According to the New York Daily News, he was at a pool store on Monday when he found himself involved in an altercation with salesperson Paul Love. Love claims he was punched by the “Priceless: Afterlife” star. Williams was arrested as a result of the fight and taken to Hall County jail. He was released some hours later on $5,700 bond. In an interview with TMZ, conducted after the incident, Williams said he struck the salesman after "he used the N-word." Additionally, he said Love believed he was in the pool store to rob it.

Williams’ legal trouble doesn't stop there. According to TMZ,  Williams found himself at the center of yet another brawl in Los Angeles on Tuesday, just one day after his arrest in Georgia. The controversial funnyman is said to have assaulted a man, whom he claims was a “rapper.” Williams told TMZ he witnessed a car accident outside his hotel and rushed to the scene to help those involved, and instead wound up in a fight. Williams told the publication that once he got to the accident, a group of men — all of whom he claims were much taller than he — began cracking jokes about his short stature. After telling them to be quiet, he claims he was punched and struck back in self-defense. He is now being suspected of battery.

Williams has spoken out only to share his side of the story as it relates to the Atlanta incidents. It remains unclear what the outcome of the current investigation in Los Angeles will be.