Watch video here of a new Apple iPad 3 concept that is wowing techies on the day the company's long-awaited new tablet is expected to be launched.

The concept, designed by Aatma Studio, a San Francisco animation and digital content studio in San Francisco--where the iPad 3 (or iPad HD, or whatever else Apple has up its sleeve) is expected to be unveiled at 10 a.m. PST Wednesday--has become wildly popular, drawing more than 4 million YouTube views by Wednesday afternoon.

The video, which was posted on the Aatma Studio YouTube channel on Feb. 28, but has just now generated its most fervored attention, is a showcase for a sleek and thin vision of the iPad 3, replete with Apple's trademark smooth design.

But it goes a step further, removing the iPad's frame, leaving the impression of a singular sheet of images described in the video as an edge-to-edge retina display.

The concept is actually a working model of an iPad, and a user in the video demonstrates that it is a fully-functional computing machine by running through various iPad functions and more.

Although the tablet form factor is great, we felt the need for a larger visual real estate, Aatma Studio CEO and animation director Pramod Modi Shantharam said, according to Mashable. We eliminated the black border of current iPad and thought it would be a great visual experience for users who bring their iPads together utilizing their internal magnets.

The magnets would allow multiple iPads to be put together in order to create a larger screen. And the video demonstrates its 3-D holographic display, which lets gamers see risen holograms of video games such as football, which is seen in the video.

The concept is one of the more impressive of the many that have emerged since buzz for the iPad 3 started building last year.

Watch the new Apple iPad 3 concept video below: