A new video with footage of what some viewers are calling Bigfoot has surfaced online and has inspired researchers to head into an Ohio forest to see if there's more evidence. Although the video - titled "Bigfoot in Ohio clear video of the creature 2012" - was published on YouTube in April, it has only started to gain attention around the Internet. As of Thursday afternoon there were fewer than 100,000 views on the video site, although it was been embedded onto other pages. You watch the footage for yourself below.

Unfortunately, the video is only 38 seconds and viewers get only a peek at what looks like an apelike creature walking across a path in the woods. The camera is presumably filming from the front of a moving vehicle and when "Bigfoot" comes into view, the driver quickly turns around and drives away. The hairy beast picks up speed and runs off into the woods when it's clear it isn't alone.

The video was published by the YouTube user HowTo101Channel and unfortunately there isn't much information provided. The quick About section says only, "Looking for UFO's, Bigfoot, Paranormal activity Current events a rick roll or two lol."

That description hardly seems to be written by a scientist and the credibility comes even further into question when looking at the other videos the user has posted. There are multiple other videos on the page that purport to depict Bigfoot but upon viewing they are clearly just friends joking around with each other.

There's also the question that raises: If the video is legitimate, why hasn't the person who took it made any more information available about the sighting?

Partly because "Bigfoot" is only visible for a quick glimpse, it's difficult to tell if the creature is the size of a person wearing a suit. When the creature starts to run it does appear to make the same movements a human would.

The Ohio news outlet 10TV.com reports that although it's long been thought Bigfoot would only reside in the Pacific Northwest, there have been numerous sightings in the woods of Ohio.

"Scientists have said that eyewitnesses have only presented circumstantial evidence over the years that make it impossible to confirm whether there really is a Bigfoot out there," the site reports. "Some swear that an audio recording known as the 'Ohio Howl' presents evidence that Bigfoot is real. A barking dog is heard in the recording and then a siren-like moan is audible."

The supposed sighting took place in Mount Orab, Ohio, and there have been dozens of Bigfoot sightings claimed in the state over the past year.