The Bank of Canada has unveiled their new $20 bill.

The impossible to copy $20 polymer bank note features an updated design of Queen Elizabeth II and Canada's National Vimy Memorial and incorporates the latest in anti-counterfeiting technology.

So why focus groups, hired by the Bank of Canada were appalled? It looked to participants as if the design incorporated naked women and  the World Trade Center towers, according to Daily Mail.


Canadian $20 Front (Bank of Canada)

While that actual World Trade Center towers are not depicted on the bank note, it actually features the Vimy Memorial in northern France, the largest monument overseas for Canadian soldiers lost the First World War.

The Canadian $20 bill was unveiled on May 2, by the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, despite reports, according to the Daily Mail that that some participants in the focus groups had said that they were unaware of the wartime memorial, and the drawing reminded them of the Twin Towers, destroyed in the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

The two columns that the focus group mistakes for the World Trade Center towers in fact symbolize the unity of France and Canada - represented by a maple leaf and fleur-de-lis.


Canadian Back (Bank of Canada)

The naked women at the top of the statue are known as the chorus. The two main figures represent Justice and Peace, with Peace raising a torch.

Women symbolizing Hope, Charity, Honour and Faith are located below Justice and Peace. Truth and Knowledge are positioned on the Western side.

The note is currently the most counterfeited in circulation, accounting for more than half the bills in exchange.

The bill's new high-tech polymer design is said to make the note more difficult to reproduce, and last twice as long as paper notes, according to DM

The $20 bill, which accounts for over 50 per cent of all bank notes in circulation and is the main note dispensed by automated banking machines (ABMs), will begin circulating in November of 2012

The new $20 polymer bank note