While the manga story of “Naruto” has ended, it seems like the journey of the character’s son Boruto may have just begun. Not only will the character have an upcoming anime film with his dad called “Boruto: Naruto the Movie,” but the son of Naruto also will be making his video game debut in “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One from publisher Bandai Namco and developer Cyber Connect 2.

Boruto won’t be alone, though, as Siliconera has confirmed a number of new characters from the series’ final storyline also will be part of the game. Not to mention the inclusion of his friend/rival Sarada, the daughter of Naruto’s friend/rival Sasuke Uchiha, who will be making her video game debut alongside Boruto. Another character from the Boruto series, Kaguya Otsutsuki, also will debut in “Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.”

Fans of the “Naruto” manga know that both characters have inherited traits from their parents, with Boruto seemingly getting Naruto’s early attitude of being reckless and annoying, but also knowing that giving up isn’t the answer. Sarada possesses some of her father’s abilities, including the almighty “Sharingan” that will probably be used in the game at some point.

“Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” might actually feature the biggest roster that has ever been seen in a “Naruto” game, as the title will most likely feature characters who have appeared in previous games, plus the number of new characters that will be added to this one. In addition to Boruto, Sarada and Kaguya, the official Naruto Video Games website already has confirmed a number of fan favorites, including Madara Uchica and his younger self Obito, a young version of Kakashi and their mutual friend Lin.

A gameplay video of “Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” was revealed during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles and showcased some of the newer abilities that lead characters Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura will have. While the gameplay doesn’t look too different from the previous games in the “Ultimate Ninja Storm” series, the graphics of the game are much more detailed now.

“Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” is set for a worldwide release this fall, though no official release date has been given. Despite this, Geek Snack has reported that several retailers already are offering fans the chance to preorder special editions of the game.

Naruto SUN Storm 4 - PS4/XB1/PC - A Storm 4 E3 (English Trailer) (Credit: YouTube/BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe)