The funeral of a student killed during anti-government protests on Monday have led to renewed clashes in Tehran, according to state-controlled Iranian television.

Confusingly, both pro- and anti-government forces claim the dead man, Sanea Jaleh, 26, as one of their own.
The fighting occurred during Jaleh’s funeral procession from Tehran University to the center of the city, despite heavy security presence.

Students and the people attending the funeral ceremony... have clashed with a limited number of people apparently linked to the sedition [opposition] movement and forced them out by chanting slogans of death to hypocrites, the report on the state-run channel said.

However, other media reports did not see any such clashes.

Meanwhile, opposition leaders Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi - who are both under house arrest – made statements through their personal websites.

I am not afraid of any kind of threat and as a soldier of this great nation for the past almost 50 years, I am ready to pay any price, Karroubi said on his site

Separately, on his own website,,Mousavi said: the glorious rally on 25 Bahman [14 February] is a great achievement for the great people of a great nation and for the [opposition movement and its supporters]”.

Conservative members of Iran’s parliament have called for the arrest and execution of Karroubi and Mousavi.