The desire to escape your life and be someone else, even just for a moment is a fantasy shared by a lot of people, but a community known  as the maskers have taken this idea of escapism one step further by living  double lives as  dolls. With elaborate and expensive rubber suits and masks these seemingly ‘normal’ men from all different backgrounds become real life dolls. Their secret lives are now been shown to the world in a new documentary ‘Who Are The Maskers? Secrets Of The Living Dolls’.

The show’s creators Luke Malone (Producer) and Nick Sweeney (Director) were on hand in NYC to talk to IBTimesTV to discuss their documentary which will air in the spring on Logo here in the US. Already the series has caused a media stir in the UK as these brave maskers have finally taken off their masks to show the world their unique double lives and living doll alter egos.

The cameras follow these men as they live their day to day lives; from vacuuming, holding hands with their significant other, to walking the streets, viewers get to see what it is like to live as doll one minute, and a man the next. The men reveal their vulnerability to the cameras as they try to make the world understand their life, by showing them why masking makes them happy, and complete as a person.

 The documentary seeks to discover the secrets of this small community, who want the world to know that this is their idea of normal, and what turns them on- be it being one of the beautiful people or seeking attention. For one masker, a 70 year old divorcee, he says dating is difficult, because he has yet to find a woman who is more beautiful than his doll persona.

For creators Malone and Sweeney the experience itself was unique, as they discovered that the ritual of masking is something that is in fact a harmless hobby. People on the streets appeared curious when they encountered the men dressed as dolls. They were also surprised at just how candid the men were in sharing the secrets of their double life.

For these men, this is an expensive hobby, each rubber suit has to fit like a second skin, there are outfits, wigs, pedicures and not to mention the masks that are involved in living out their fantasy. The masks can only be worn for a few hours at a time, and one can only imagine how uncomfortable a rubber suit would be, and how difficult it would be to do simple things like go to the toilet, or eat a meal.

Malone and Sweeney discussed their own journey getting to know these living dolls, and their own discovery of just how normal the members of this secretive community are. Sweeney and Malone are excited to see how the US market will receive their documentary which took about a year to make.

While the creative duo, were tight-lipped about their next big project it can be assumed it will not be the last time we see them. Now, the maskers have had their chance to be seen by the entire world, and you can decide what you think of this idea of becoming a living doll.

Is it a harmless act of self-expression or it is an example of just how obsessed society is with being beautiful, and becoming something we are not, to feel that way?