The “Dragon Age” video game series from Electronic Arts (EA) has always had a positive presence in comic books thanks to publisher Dark Horse Comics. So it's only fitting to see the company announce a new “Dragon Age” comic for later this year.

Titled “Dragon Age: Magekiller,” the game will be set around the events of the recently released “Dragon Age: Inquisition” and will be written by veteran comic writer and “Dragon Age” fan Greg Rucka. Pixel Dynamo reports that the “Dragon Age” comic is set in Tevinter and will have two protagonists: Marius, the self-professed “magekiller,” and his handler Tessa. According to Rucka, Marius will be the equivalent of Bubba Fett from “Star Wars” in terms of character, as the writer has dubbed him the “Tevinter Bubba Fett.”

Rucka told Polygon that he admires and respects how developer Bioware has given its all to make games like “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age” -- filling both with characterization and exotic locales. The writer previously worked with former head “Dragon Age” writer David Gaider to make “Magekiller” a completely authentic “Dragon Age” experience.

Rucka is no stranger to comics, as the writer has written several comics for Marvel and DC, as well as independent publishers like Image and Dark Horse. Most fans know Rucka for his work on “Lazarus,” “The Punisher,” “Wonder Woman” and “Gotham Central” with co-writer Ed Brubaker. Collaborating with Rucka on the latest project is artist Carmen Carnero, who has previously worked with Rucka on the “Cyclops” series for Marvel. The artist has also worked on “Swamp Thing,” “X-Factor” and “The Punisher.”

So far Dark Horse has had a stellar track record with video game-licensed media. Along with several comics based on “Dragon Age,” “Halo” and “Tomb Raider,” the company also publishes video game art books like “The Witcher 3” and, most recently, an art book for the highly anticipated “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.”

“Dragon Age: Magekiller” will be available in local comic stores in November. No price has been given yet. 

DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Official Trailer – The Hero of Thedas (Credit: YouTube/Dragon Age)