Now that “Batman: Arkham Knight” is a month away, developer Rocksteady has decided to release the final trailer for the game before it comes out in June. One things fans of the game may have noticed was that Batman was carrying a weapon that looked like a sniper rifle. Fans of the character have nothing to worry about, as the character has not gone against his no killing policy; rather he has made an anti-gun called the Disruptor.

Rocksteady recently posted about the Disruptor in the Warner Bros Community page of “Arkham Knight” where they splurged the details on the Dark Knight’s newest toy. The Disruptor’s main capabilities include jamming and exploding enemy weapons, rigging enemy crates to shock foes that attempt to get weapons from the, and tagging enemy vehicles during Batmobile chases.

While incredibly useful, the Disruptor will only start out with three cartridges, as reported by Games Radar, so players must be careful when using the gadget, as exploding enemy weapons uses two cartridges right away. Still, players will be able to upgrade the Disruptor and eventually increase the cartridge size of the new Bat-Gadget.

The Disruptor is a big improvement over the original disruptor-like devices that appeared in the previous game in the “Batman Arkham” series. The original device would only jam the enemy’s weapon, unlike the new Disruptor, which can make enemy weapons explode.

It seems like Batman is going to need all the help he can get in his latest adventure from Rocksteady, as he takes on a large group of his rogues consisting of Two Face, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and the Arkham Knight. Thankfully, Bruce Wayne will be getting help from his allies such as Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman, with Oracle providing help as well.

“Batman Arkham Knight” is coming out on June 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will supposedly be the last of the “Arkham” trilogy, and the possibility of the Dark Knight dying has been rumored, especially since the character recently perished in the comics alongside his longtime foe The Joker. 

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The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer – “All Who Follow You” (Credit: YouTube/WBGamesUK)