'New Girl' is prepping for some major shakeups when it returns for its second season this fall.

Cece has a new beau! After Schmidt broke up with her in the desert during the season one finale, Cece is not looking back. In fact the model has landed herself a new man!

TVGuide.com is reporting that former "Office" and "Traffic Light" actor Nelson Franklin will be the new object of Cece's affection.

Franklin will be introduced to the show during the season two premiere of "New Girl," which airs on Fox Tuesday, Sept. 25. Cece's new boy toy's name is Rob, "a genuinely nice guy who is an embarrassingly bad dancer and deaf in one ear."

We have a feeling that Rob is going to cause some serious (but hilarious) issues for Schmidt, who Cece had been dating for half of the first season. Schmidt had tried wooing the model from day one of meeting her, and later managed to have a secret relationship with her until Winston found them naked in the trunk of a car.

Cece's new man isn't the only new casting for season two. Viewers will also be meeting Winston's mom, Charmaine Bishop.  Winston's mom is described as a "tough talking" woman who "raised all of her children to become professional basketball players." This casting news is also unfortunate for Schmidt, because Winston's mom is not a fan of her son's roommate.

Are you looking forward to seeing the latest editions to the "New Girl" season two cast?