width=0 It seems like every four years there is a need to debate how the presidential primary system works--this election cycle, of course, is no different.

With Nevada attempting to move their primaries up to Jan. 14, there would not be the mandated seven days between New Hampshire and the next primary, Politico reported.

The three Republicans from New Hampshire-- Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Reps. Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta--released the following statement to try to persuade Nevada, according to Politico:

Every four years, other states attempt to challenge New Hampshire's First in the Nation status and this year has proven no different. While we are aware that negotiations between the states continue, we've monitored the situation closely and have grown increasingly concerned about the adverse impact the current frontloading will have on the New Hampshire primary.

We are firmly committed to doing everything in our power to protect New Hampshire's First in the Nation status, and we fully support Bill Gardner's efforts to preserve our primary. Now that Iowa has announced a date, we have a clearer picture of the nominating calendar. Iowa and New Hampshire have long held the lead-off contests, and Nevada must now push back its caucuses to preserve that proven, time-honored tradition. We call on the Republican candidates to suspend campaign activities in Nevada until officials there move back their caucuses.