New Hampshire is planning a new winter campaign to attract skiers and boost the number of foreign tourists’ arrivals, Lori Harnois, director of the state’s division of travel and tourism development, said.

“The state is partnering with Ski New Hampshire to put up a new web site that would feature activities on and off the slopes. The site will sponsor a photo contest and winners will be able to win prizes such as free ski tickets,” Harnois was quoted as saying in media reports.

Besides attracting skiers as winter has almost arrived, bringing overseas travelers to in New Hampshire is another goal the tourism division is targeting.

Most of the people overseas will come to America, and their first stop is Florida, Las Vegas, California, New York, she said, adding that international travelers are important because they're not weather-dependent, tend to stay longer, spend more money, and fill hotel rooms during the midweek.

New Hampshire is a famous spot for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountaineering and more winter sports. The state is abound with lakes which are favorite tourist spots.