Ever since Bloomberg first reported rumors of a new, smaller Apple iPad, the Internet has been ablaze with rumors over the expected announcement of the so-called iPad Mini. While Apple hasn't yet made an announcement about the device, manufacturer reports suggest the rumors might be accurate.

Now, the Japanese blog Macotakara is claiming it has some new insight into the production details and specifications for the iPad Mini. The blog said the new iPad Mini will be produced in Brazil and available to consumers late this year.

The blog also stated: According to Chinese reliable source, the tablet called iPad mini will be produced in Brazil, however production test to collect data for new cutting machine is already done in China. Source said that, production phase of this tablet will be started since September, and this tablet should be shipped until holiday season, but announcement will not be so soon.

The blog also said the newer, smaller iPad will be thinner than the Amazon Kindle Fire, about as thick as a 4G iPod touch. This means that if the rumors are true, the iPad Mini will be about 25 percent smaller than the current version.

Reports have also suggested the iPad Mini's display will measure 7.85 inches, compared with the new iPad's 9.7-inch screen. While most reports appear to have reached a consensus on the iPad Mini's size and thickness, they have offered no definitive clues with respect to the device's form or shape.

However, the reports do suggest the smaller version of the iPad will have all the 3G capabilities of the original version.