One young entrepreneur believes her Berlin-based firm may have designed a possible replacement for the birth-control pill, an iPhone application called Clue. Ida Tin -- CEO and co-founder of the company Clue that developed the product Clue -- described the free app as a tracker of a woman’s menstrual cycle that is able to offer guidance about when she can have sex without a high risk of getting pregnant, according to the Daily Mail.

Available at the Apple App Store, the app also offers predictions to women looking to become pregnant as it informs them when they are at their most fertile and have the best chance of becoming pregnant.

Tin, 34, said she was inspired to create the app because of the lack of “innovation” in the family-planning space “since the pill came out 60 years ago. ... One of the things I have heard again and again from women over the last few years is that many have concerns about taking hormones every day for contraception,” she said. Tin noted: “Millions of women cannot take the pill because of severe side effects. For these women, Clue can help them decode their cycles so they can make good decisions.”

Clue users enter details about their moods, pain levels and other aspects of their menstrual cycles via the app. Over time, it employs these data to learn about their cycles, as they are used in predicting fertility.

Tin said she wanted to build a more “scientifically sound” product that the period-tracking apps that currently exist. “The maths behind a lot of them is flawed, and it’s shocking how low the quality is,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying. “What I’ve found is that women want to know what’s going on, they want to know if they are normal.

The company Clue is looking to follow up the product Clue with even more offerings, according to Science World Report. Among then is a hardware component that would make Clue even more accurate than it is now. 

Meanwhile, Tin is making sure to stress that the app is still in the final stages of development and that it shouldn’t be used as a contraceptive aid until the hardware component is released.

According to the Daily Mail, Mike LaVigne, head of user experience at Clue, said, “Hundreds of women around the world have already tested the app, including designers from Apple, Frog, and IDEO.”

Watch a tutorial video about Clue below: