Ahead of Amazon's CEO appearance in New York on Monday where it is widely speculated that the Kindle 2.0 will be launched, authentic looking photos of the new Kindle were leaked on the MobileRead forums Friday night.

According to the post, the source claims and says he is pretty much absolutely sure that the photos are what Amazon is going to present on February 24.

Additionally, the price they cited is $359, the same as the current generation of Kindle.

Kindle 2 features rounded corners, a black and white screen and is apparently the same size as the original Kindle with a 3.5mm headphone jack with a sliding sleep button at the top. It includes a unified QWERTY keyboard under the screen. Smaller navigation buttons are placed on both the left and right sides of Kindle 2. A joystick now replaces the original Kindle scroll wheel.

More to come on Monday at the official event.