The ever-popular “Cooking Mama” series has returned with a new installment called “Cooking Mama Let’s Cook,” this time as an exclusive title for iOS and Android devices. Previous games in the series had been available for the DS and the 3DS, but this will be the first time a “Cooking Mama” game will come out first for multiple mobile devices.

One thing new about “Let’s Cook” is the touch controls, which were specifically redesigned for mobile devices as reported by Game Informer. The redesigned controls will apparently make cooking meals easier, as players can literally put a number of dishes together with just one finger, which should be handy for people who play on the go.

Another interesting feature new to the “Cooking Mama” series is the ability to combine two dishes to make one new dish. This opens up plenty of room for experimentation, though given the hectic nature of the fan-favorite series, players will have to experiment fast and possibly go through many trial-and-error meals.

New items can also be obtained by cooking for Papa, presumably the husband of Mama. These items will be useful in making new dishes for the customers and should provide a new challenge for longtime fans of the “Cooking Mama” games.

“Let’s Cook” will be a free-to-play title, with additional recipe packs available as in-app purchases for the game, according to Digital Spy. Each pack will contain six new dishes, meaning more variety in the meals made for the customers in the game. Two of the recipe packs can be earned by playing the game for a good while. Along with being the first “Cooking Mama” to get a smartphone game release ahead of the Nintendo handhelds, this will also be the first free-to-play version of the game.

“Cooking Mama Let’s Cook” launches this week, so fans of the series and people who simply want to try a new cooking game will be able to play the game very soon. Most of the “Cooking Mama” games have been released for the Nintendo 3DS, with the most recent one -- “Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit!” -- coming out last year. 

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COOKING MAMA Let's Cook! (Credit: YouTube/OFFICE CREATE)