Friday the 13th might be filled with a lot of spookiness, but it’s also filled with a lot of great music. One could say it’s a bit eerie how good this music is.

But, we won’t. Instead, we’ll just get right to the goods and let you know about what new music you should be listening to.

Lost Kings feat. Sabrina Carpenter – “First Love”

With beautiful beats we’ve come to expect from the DJ duo Lost Kings, and the soothing sound we’ve come to expect from singer Sabrina Carpenter, we get a song that is at once something to dance to and something to sit down and enjoy over and over.

Pink – “But We Lost It”

Pink released her latest album, “Beautiful Drama,” on Friday and her usual honestly cool vibe shines through on each and every song. “But We Lost It” stands out as a relatable track of losing a special bond, but learning and growing from it, and it is beautifully relayed to the listener via a strong and powerful ballad.

Beck – “Fix Me”

As calm and cool as the color blue, it’s no wonder Beck’s new album, released on Oct. 13, is called “Colors.” It’s the simplicity of this track and the smooth quality of Beck’s voice that puts the listener immediately at ease.

The Vamps feat. Maggie Lindemann – “Personal”

The Vamps’ and Lindemann’s vocals swirl together in just the right manner to make a perfect pop song. Fans of these two artists will not be disappointed, and neither will those who are simply fans of the genre as a whole. And many will relate to the theme of the song, which is all about thinking the person you like would be better of with you instead of someone else.

Jonas Blue feat. Moelogo – “We Could Go Back”

We could go back, but then that would bring us to a time before this song, so, no thanks. The way the vocals don’t just lay on top of the beats, but gorgeously blend with them is a testament to what a good collaboration between artists can create.

Jessie James Decker – “Hold a Candle”

The country songstress released her new album, “Southern Girl City Lights,” on Friday and it’s filled with hits, but the casual flow of this song and the sweet way it rolls from her vocal chords to the listener’s ears is something worth noting on its own. Sugary-sweet lyrics and powerful notes when the moment calls for it form this pretty track.

Daniella Mason – “Meant to Be”

Mason dropped her self-titled, eight-song album on Friday, and it’s a collection of alt-pop tracks that really set the bar high for the genre. “Meant to Be,” specifically, is a sleek tune that highlights Mason’s unique voice and interesting singing style.

H.E.R. – “2”

In anticipation of her new B side EP, “H.E.R. Vol. 2,” the soulful singer released this song, which is one of the most interesting-sounding tracks released recently. The listener has no choice but to guess what’s going to happen next in the song because that mystery is always there. It’s unique and brings the listener on a fun journey.

Russell Dickerson – “Would You Love Me”

Releasing his debut studio album, “Yours,” on Friday, he released this catchy tune right along with it. The song and singer hit that perfect genre sweet spot of country and pop. That blend always finds a way to create a song that listeners can’t help but fall in love with, and this song is no exception. Catchy and sweet, it’s just a feel-good song.

Bishop Briggs – “Dream”

Briggs combines angst, folk and pop to construct a song that captures the listener and builds them up as her vocals build up. It’s the kind of sorrowed anthem that has the power to heal, not just for the singer who’s getting her feelings out, but for the listener who needs to hear it all.