After the successful release of the OnePlus 2, the Chinese smartphone maker is rumored to be working on a new device that will be announced at the end of this year. Since Carl Pei, the co-founder, said in an interview that the handset may or may not feature high-end specs, the rumor mill is now guessing on the potential features of the new OnePlus smartphone.

During a recent AMA session on Reddit, it was revealed that the next OnePlus smartphone will not be called OnePlus 3. Early speculations suggest that it will be a scaled-down edition of the OnePlus 2 flagship. But it could also be a powerful smartphone.

Here are some of the features are expected to arrive on the next OnePlus smartphone:

New Design

In April, Pei told Bloomberg the next-generation OnePlus will be aimed at buyers who prefer design over specs. The design of the OnePlus 2 is quite similar to the OnePlus from 2014. So the forthcoming OnePlus should have a different look.

Quad HD Screen

Manufacturers are launching their flagship smartphones with Quad HD screen. The purported handset may come with Quad HD display and still feature a low price tag.


Since OnePlus figures that the NFC feature is not actively used by smartphone users, it has not included a NFC chip on the original OnePlus and the OnePlus 2 handsets. But it is one of the rumored features on the next OnePlus smartphone.

MicroSD Card Support

A microSD card slot is absent on the OnePlus 2. And the older OnePlus also lacked a microSD card slot. Hence, one of the most wanted features that is expected to arrive on the next OnePlus is the support for microSD card slot.

Removable Battery

The OnePlus One as well as the OnePlus 2 feature non-removable batteries. Hence, a removable battery is one of the desired features that may appear on the forthcoming OnePlus.