Fans of “Rocket League” will be happy to know that a new update and free downloadable content (DLC) was recently released, courtesy of developer Psyonix. The free DLC update features a number of gameplay tweaks, new antennas and some brand new custom options to add variety to the gameplay.

Called the “Mutators” DLC, this adds a number of options that will supposedly make the game more exciting than ever before. GameSpot stated that the Mutators DLC would add a low gravity feature, which will have all of the cars floating and altering the ball’s shape into a cube, which will make it harder to bring to the goal, among others.

The video below shows even more options, like trying to survive the wrath of the giant ball and a pinball mechanic. This seems to just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the new custom options, which should please fans of the game.

A number of complaints have also been fixed. The following vehicles for example, now have an improved turn radius: Venom, Paladin, Marc, Scarab and Backfire. The weather effects can now be turned on or off and XP titles can be disabled, if the player doesn’t want to see it.

IGN has also confirmed that a new mode called “Snow Day” would be added to “Rocket League” sometime in December. This is essentially a “Hockey” mode for the game, which is an interesting addition since “Rocket League” has always been an extreme Soccer – or English Football – video game with cars.

It’s not yet known if the “Snow Day” mode will be free DLC like the Mutators options, though that should be revealed by the end of the month. The free DLC is available now, along with the game’s latest patch, so players can start downloading them now.

In addition to all of this the game also has special DLC based on “Fallout 4.” This is thanks to collaboration between Psyonix and Bethesda.

“Rocket League” is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Mac OS and Linux. Many have praised the game for its interesting mechanics and unique concept of soccer cars, which many in the gaming community found fun and unexpected.

Rocket League - Mix, Match, and Mutate! | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)