Samsung is back with a new set of ads flaunting the key features of the latest Galaxy S7 smartphone.

The South Korean tech giant announced the Q1 2016 earnings recently. And it’s clear that after a long time the company has beaten the market expectations. Samsung apparently made operating profits of 6.68 trillion won (about $5.58 billion) from 49.78 trillion won (about $43.8 billion) in revenues. The revenue reportedly jumped 5.7 percent Year-over-Year, whereas the profit soared 12 percent Year-over-Year.

It goes without saying that the major contributor to the brilliant quarter is the early launch, good marketing, demand and successful sales of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones, among others.

With soaring profits as great motivation, Samsung’s marketing and PR department must be working overtime as they have released a slew of cool ads showcasing the camera prowess, ease of Samsung Pay and helpfulness of IP rating of the well-received phone.

The ads are a breath of fresh air as Samsung has moved away from mocking Apple iPhones at every given opportunity in its ads to truly embracing the power of its own creations. The ads do not show random photos, people, writings and places. Instead, the videos revolve around short every-day stories with Galaxy S7 as the main protagonist.

Here are the latest ads showcasing the prowess of the power-packed Samsung Galaxy S7: (Credit: YouTube/Samsung Mobile)

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