New music by the Strokes has reportedly been released to a Seattle radio station, which said Wednesday that it was listening to material by the band entitled "All the Time," that it had been obtained from RCA Records and that the station may leak the recording "soon."

The new material, which would be the first released since the New York City rock band's March 2011 album, "Angles," is not being released to the public just yet, but the KNDD 1077 The End radio station posted a teasing message on its official Facebook Wednesday evening suggesting that it won't be long before fans get to hear it:

"Previewing brand new Strokes 'All the Time' thanks to RCA Records. We'll have to 'leak' this soon. You won't be disappointed... -mike," the Facebook post read.

It's not clear whether "All the Time" is the name of a song or album, as no further information was available as of 12:30 a.m. EST Thursday.

And the posting set off quite the firestorm on Facebook, as dozens of rabid fans immediately posted comments demanding more information and inquiring about the circumstances surrounding the station's acquisition of the song.

Many of the comments Facebook users posted on the station's posting expressed their extreme delight at the news that a new Strokes song may be on the way.

Facebook user Mary Diaz Leos summed that joy up perhaps most succinctly with the following comment:

"Ahhhhhhh, so cool :')"

Facebook user Mark Pemberton was quite demanding in his comment on KNDD's posting:


And some Facebook users, like Aneta Walus, even posted loose, veiled threats on the radio station's posting:

"Oh my god, if you're lying to me, I swear to god..."

The Strokes remain wildly popular, and even critics continue to shower them with love, as the band's first album, "Is This It?" was named the best album of the first decade of the 21st century by NME magazine in 2009.

Four of the band's five members have released solo albums or been key members of major side projects that have released albums of their own.