Does the name Yan Linkun ring a bell? Maybe not, but this video of him flipping out over his missed flight at the Kunming International Airport  in China might.

New footage has surfaced, now with sound, of the Chinese official going berserk after missing his second flight of the day. A loose translation of the video footage was made by the University of Pennsylvania blog Language Log:

“I originally booked a first class [ticket]…. What do you mean, huh?! What do you mean, huh?! I originally booked a first class [ticket]…. You’re really bullying me…. And not just once?! You’re really taking advantage of me. Hai! Hurry up and open the door!… Hai, how can you be like this? Really browbeating me!… First class….”

Yan Linkun has since been suspended from his Communist Party duties pending an investigation. Though no follow-ups on his status have appeared, Yan publicly apologized for his explosive rampage at the airport, which went viral in Chinese media and in other international blogs.

According to the blog Beijing Cream, video searches for Yan Linkun on China’s video hosting site similar to YouTube, Youku, have also been blocked.