Controversy continues to swirl over Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. While American Joey Chestnut won the official contest with 62 hot dogs, media was abuzz over a live simulcast of former champion Takeru Kobayashi allegedly eating 69 hot dogs.

New video now shows that Kobayashi actually didn't eat the world record 69 hot dogs, as he claimed.

The video offers a tracker of the consumed hot dogs in the upper left corner while the viewer is able to see in the right hand side the official count that Kobayashi was using. What the viewer can quickly realize is that Kobayashi's human counter seems to be moving the counting tracker at random and that the two numbers rarely synch up.

The video's final count puts Kobayashi at 65 hot dogs, which would still best Chestnut's 62, but would be three short of Chestnut's 2009 world record.

Watch the video for yourself and see if you can get an accurate count of your own while Kobayashi downs massive amounts of hot dogs.