The past and the present collide in “WWE Immortals” as Hulk Hogan and Bray Wyatt join the game’s roster in the latest update, which can be downloaded now. Joining the two new characters is another iteration of the current United States Heavyweight champion John Cena, who looks to be packing a sword to help him in combat.

Revealed via the “WWE Immortals” Facebook page, it’s interesting to note Hogan doesn’t appear to be in his classic red-and-yellow attire, instead appearing in the game in black-and-white togs and wearing the “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan persona. As for Bray Wyatt, the superstar’s character model doesn’t differ too greatly from the way he appears on television though the baby doll hanging on his apron is new and very disturbing.

Wyatt’s addition to the game had been anticipated by fans and not unexpected since he appears in the game’s opening credits, seemingly responsible for multiple iterations of each superstar appearing in the game after he finds a mystical lantern. Said mystical lantern also was used to tease the character’s appearance, which Attack of the Fanboy covered when the game was released.

Usually, a character that debuts in “WWE Immortals” will start with two iterations, one of which will be gold and be more powerful than the bronze or silver version, so these will definitely be available for both Wyatt and Hogan. Hogan will come with beach attire and the “Hollywood” look while Bray Wyatt will come with voodoo and mad doctor attire, with his voodoo one closely resembling what he actually wears on WWE television.

So far, both characters aren’t available in the game’s currency store, but the $29.99 Bray Wyatt early access pack is available. It’s possible both Wyatt and Hogan will eventually be available as challenge mode prizes before making their way to the game’s currency store though no official announcement has been made.

Fans can pick up the new “WWE Immortals” update now for iOS devices. It’s been reported an Android version of the update will be coming soon as well. 

WWE Immortals - Hulk Hogan Patch 1.5 (Credit: YouTube/MobileGamer)