Comic Con has taken over New York! The Javits Center was overrun with capes and cardboard weaponry on Friday for Day 2 of the convention.

Thousands of people skipped work and bailed on school for the opportunity to dress up, test out new games, meet their favorite television stars and buy some new comics. With so many booths, panels and screenings to soak in, one of the main draws of Comic Con doesn’t even require you to walk through the entrance -- it’s the costumes.

No matter what form of transportation you used Friday, you were bound to run into someone who was dressed to impress for NYCC. Whether it was Wonder Woman on the train, a zombie on the subway or a gaggle of kids in onesies trolling the streets, there was no missing the fact that Comic Con had rolled into town.

With some costumes store-bought and others painstakingly put together with a lot of paint and tape, we’ve captured some of the hottest and craziest costumes to hit New York Comic Con on Day 2.

Check out the slideshow and let us know your favorite costume in the comments section.