Eat your heart out Google.

On April Fools Day, a news anchor in San Diego got tricked into licking an iPad for what she thought was an iPhone app. The news team set up a story about a new app that can let users taste or smell things on their phone. The app was called Virtual Sip and it used a technology called Piezo electronics. (Piezoelectricity is a real phenomenon, in which voltage is produced when certain materials are deformed. It is found in electric igniters for gas stoves and has nothing to do with taste or smell).

After the news segment aired, the target of the joke, co-anchor Shally Zomorodi, was given an iPad with the app preloaded. As she licked the phone, she told her co-anchor Raoul Martinez that she couldn't smell or taste anything. That's when a pop-up emerged on the iPad saying it was all an April Fools joke. Zomorodi, embarassed by the joke, walked off the set.

Watch the hilarity unfold here:

Credit: KSWB