James Tracy, the professor peddling the Newtown conspiracy theory, now says the same sort of deliberate media orchestration was at work in the Taft High School shooting in California last week. According to Tracy, the Taft shooting was supposed to be a drill until it “went live.”

James Tracy, the Florida Atlantic University professor of media who set forth the Newtown conspiracy theory, is now focusing on another  school shooting and sees yet another hidden agenda behind it.

Tracy sets out his theory in the latest on his personal blog, Memoryholeblog.com. While Tracy said he would retreat from the spotlight following supposed threats from Anderson Cooper, it seems he could not pass up the Taft High School shooting.

Last Thursday at Taft High School in Kern County, Calif., a lone gunman later identified as Bryan Oliver, 16, shot and wounded a student and a teacher before being stopped by Ryan Heber, a science teacher.

Tracy, in the blog post “Taft Union High School Drill Becomes ‘Real Life’,” believes there was again a larger agenda that guided the media coverage of the Taft shooting. For Tracy, this falls in line with his Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, where there was a larger political agenda that crafted the media’s coverage of the slaughter in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14.

Tracy notes that Taft High School was conducting a drill on responding to a hypothetical shooter in the school just moments before the real situation. Tracy quotes CNN correspondent Kyung Lah, who said on "Anderson Cooper 360," “Another thing that they’re also crediting are drills. The school, Anderson, just this morning, had a drill as to what to do if a shooter was in the school, a drill that became real life just an hour later.”

Tracy says Cooper’s follow-up was meant to further the larger gun control agenda. “Lah’s observation of the peculiar coincidence was left undeveloped by program host Anderson Cooper, who immediately steered the reporter in a direction more supportive of the overt storyline,” he wrote.

As in the Newtown conspiracy theory, the media was central to the pushing a much larger agenda in Taft, Tracy says. There is also historical evidence, he asserts, that other “drills” suddenly went “live” in order to push larger political agendas. According to Tracy, “Meticulous researchers and political analysts place beyond question that major terrorist incidents including 9/11 and the London 7/7/05 bombings arose from one or more terror training drills that had the potential to suddenly 'go live.' In such instances the only ingredient is the insertion of real bullets or incendiary devices.”

A drill can be used to mask the larger, orchestrated attack, he says. People don't notice the nefarious activities, assuming it is a drill. From there, the people who want to orchestrate the attack, for Tracy that would be 9/11, Sandy Hook or Taft, would only have to change a few things, such as using real bullets.

With these drills, there are actors that help play roles in certain scenarios. These actors, such as the group from Crisis Actors, can help simulate an attack, a shooting or an evacuation and could portray victims, hostages or injured civilians in order to provide training for police, firefighters or federal agents.

Tracy believes these actors may have played a role in the Taft High School shooting much as they supposedly did at Sandy Hook. According to Tracy, “In other words, throughout such events actors are strategically deployed and manipulated to control the entire situation. In the event that a drill potentially 'goes live,' these actors are poised to play decisive roles in determining how such an incident will be presented to news media and the broader public.”

Actors were crucial to the Sandy Hook scenario, he says, because they allowed the government to have people in key roles to help orchestrate media coverage that would push the larger gun control and gun violence agenda. “For example, 'actors' may have been observed fleeing the scene and being apprehended by police outside the school. The identities of these individuals cannot be confirmed as they were not heard from again, the media largely failed to follow up on the suspects, and their identities remain undisclosed by law enforcement.”

Gene Rosen, a Sandy Hook hero who helped house children in his home during the Sandy Hook shooting, is singled out by Tracy for giving a supposedly contradictory account on his role. This further demonstrates, to Tracy, that there was a larger agenda and the contradictory initial media reports were the attempt by the government to scrub a single narrative.

Tracy ends his post rather ominously: “In the event that government authorities may be involved in coordinating 'active shooter drills' that have the potential to unexpectedly 'go live' one thing is certain: no public spaces remain safe for children or the broader citizenry.”