The National Football League and Time Warner Cable have reached a deal for the cable provider to carry both the NFL Network and the RedZone Channel.

According to Bloomberg, the deal could be announced today and it is for a multiyear deal. However it is unknown when the NFL Network will be available to Time Warner’s 12 million customers.

The deal comes on the heels of a deal the NFL reached with another cable giant, Cablevision, as the two sides came to terms about a month ago.

The hugely popular league airs 13 regular season games on its namesake network, and the RedZone Channel allows viewers to watch every play that comes within 20 yards of the endzone.

Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick first reported the deal Friday morning via Twitter.

Adam Chase, a lawyer with Washington D.C. based firm Dow Lohnes specializing in sports and entertainment licensing deals, thought it was a good agreement for both sides.

"It's great for the NFL to get more in front of their fans," he said, "and its great for Time Warner to provide more to their viewers."