The first round of the 2016 NFL Draft was filled with controversy and surprises. On Friday night in Chicago, more unexpected moves could be in store, as teams select players from the second and third round in what many scouts feel is a deep draft class.

UCLA linebacker Myles Jack was a projected top-five pick just a few weeks ago and remained high on some teams’ draft boards even after a medical re-check of his knee. But his recent admission that surgery might be needed scared off many teams. 

“[The degenerative problems are] there, but it’s nothing extreme,” Jack said via the New York Post. “Down the line, possibly I could have microfracture surgery — potentially. Who knows what will happen?

“Nobody knows how long anybody is going to play in this league. To play three years in this league would be above average.”

Like Jack, Alabama defensive tackle A’Shawn Robinson somehow slipped out of the first round. Robinson was projected to go as high as No. 19 in some mock drafts, but remains available after four interior defensive linemen were taken in the first round.

The first round only had 31 picks, as the New England Patriots were stripped of their first-round pick because of "Deflategate," but they have four selections Friday. The Patriots have back-to-back picks at No. 60 and No. 61, and they also have two third-round picks.

The third round features one fewer pick than usual. The Kansas City Chiefs were forced to forfeit their selection because they broke the NFL’s tampering rules in their attempt to sign wide receiver Jeremy Maclin last year.

Quarterbacks Jared Goff and Carson Wentz were the first two picks in the first round, while Paxton Lynch went to the Denver Broncos, who traded up to No. 26. Four notable quarterbacks could be drafted Friday with Connor Cook (Michigan State), Christian Hackenberg (Penn State), Dak Prescott (Mississippi State) and Cardale Jones (Ohio State) still available.

With the No. 4 overall pick, the Dallas Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliott, who was the only running back taken on Thursday. Derrick Henry (Alabama) and Devontae Booker (Utah) are considered the next best rushers.

Day Two of the draft starts at 7 p.m. ET, and it will be broadcasted on both ESPN and the NFL Network. ESPN’s TV coverage shifts to ESPN 2 at 8 p.m. ET, and a live stream will be available online with WatchESPN.

Below is a look at the draft order for the second and third rounds Friday.

Round 2

32) Cleveland Browns

33) Tennessee Titans

34) Dallas Cowboys

35) San Diego Chargers

36) Baltimore Ravens 

37) San Francisco 49ers

38) Jacksonville Jaguars 

39) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

40) New York Giants  

41) Chicago Bears

42) Miami Dolphins

43) Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams through Philadelphia Eagles)

44) Oakland Raiders

45) Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams) 

46) Detroit Lions

47) New Orleans Saints 

48) Indianapolis Colts

49) Buffalo Bills 

50) Atlanta Falcons 

51) New York Jets 

52) Houston Texans 

53) Washington Redskins

54) Minnesota Vikings

55) Cincinnati Bengals 

56) Seattle Seahawks

57) Green Bay Packers

58) Pittsburgh Steelers

59) Kansas City Chiefs 

60) New England Patriots

61) New England Patriots (from Arizona Cardinals)

62) Carolina Panthers

63) Denver Broncos

Round 3

64) Tennessee Titans 

65) Cleveland Browns 

66) San Diego Chargers

67) Dallas Cowboys 

68) San Francisco 49ers 

69) Jacksonville Jaguars 

70). Baltimore Ravens 

71) New York Giants 

72) Chicago Bears

73) Miami Dolphins

74) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

75) Oakland Raiders

76) Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams)

77) Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles through Detroit Lions)

78) New Orleans Saints

79) Philadelphia Eagles

80) Buffalo Bills

81) Atlanta Falcons

82) Indianapolis Colts

83) New York Jets

84) Washington Redskins

85) Houston Texans

86) Minnesota Vikings

87) Cincinnati Bengals

88) Green Bay Packers

89) Pittsburgh Steelers

90) Seattle Seahawks

91) New England Patriots

92) Arizona Cardinals

93) Carolina Panthers

94) Denver Broncos

95) Detroit Lions (Compensatory Selection)

96) New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)

97) Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection)

98) Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection)