The mobile audio service TuneIn announced Monday that it is adding NFL radio broadcasts to its premium offering. Starting this week, users around the world can tap into the radio broadcasts of any team, as well as Spanish language broadcasts where they're available.

“The NFL has chosen us to be their global audio distribution platform,” TuneIn CEO John Donham said in a statement released Monday. "We couldn’t be more excited to be adding the number one domestic sports league to our offering.”

TuneInNFL_screenshot A screenshot of TuneIn's NFL radio. Photo: TuneIn

Monday’s announcement adds the NFL to a sprawling array of partners TuneIn has bundled into its premium tier. As announced this summer, TuneIn is aggressively pursuing a strategy that is akin to the one cable television companies followed when that medium began to take off, adding as diverse an array of content to their services as possible. In addition to the NFL, TuneIn Premium subscribers have access to broadcasts of Barclays Premier League and Bundesliga matches, Major League Baseball games, more than 600 commercial radio stations and 40,000 audiobooks. TuneIn’s premium tier costs $7.99 per month in the United States.

It also gives TuneIn a chance to stay competitive with other audio services around the world, as digital audio services continue to add different kinds of audio content to stand out from one another. Deezer announced at the beginning of the month that it’s adding Barclays Premier League and Bundesliga match audio for users in some territories, and a number of other on-demand music streaming services, including Spotify, Rdio and Apple Music, have all added content from various terrestrial radio partners. 

For the NFL's part, partnering with TuneIn gives the league's fans a more affordable way to access radio broadcasts of games; NFL Game Pass, a subscription service launched this year, also gives fans access to live radio broadcasts, plus video of games after they have concluded, for $99 per year. 

“Partnering with TuneIn offers us the ability to reach our fans on a fast-growing digital platform,” Hans Schroeder, the NFL’s senior vice president of media strategy and business development, said in a statement.