The 2015 NFL playoffs technically start a week early, with a slew of teams either trying to punch their ticket to the postseason or hoping to improve their position in Week 17.

Over in the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers stand out as the week’s second-biggest favorite (-10) over the Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh needs a victory and a loss by the New York Jets on the road against the Buffalo Bills.

The Steelers and Jets are fighting for one of the AFC’s wild-card spots, while the Houston Texans are favored by nearly a touchdown over the Jacksonville Jaguars and a win crowns them AFC South champion.

The NFC’s playoff participants are set, but who and where everyone will square off is still up in the air. The Carolina Panthers are 10.5-point favorites over Tampa Bay, and they require one more win to lock down the NFC’s No. 1 seed. But the Arizona Cardinals are challenging for the conference’s top spot, but have a difficult matchup with defending NFC champion Seattle.

Keep all the betting lines and each team’s current streaks in mind before playing our office pool game for Week 17. The pool rules are simple, just circle the team you believe will win and then tally the total number of correct choices. The player with the most correct picks wins Week 17.

In the event of a tiebreaker, use “Sunday Night Football’s” combined score to determine a winner. The matchup features the Green Bay Packers hosting the Minnesota Vikings with the winner claiming the NFC North title, and however much each team scores those numbers will be added together. The player who guesses closest to the tally wins.

Below is the full schedule for Week 17’s games, and you can click here to download a printable version of the document.

                                                NFL Week 17 Pick Game Pic 12 Week 17's full schedule and betting odds. Photo: Greg Price/IB Times