The Detroit Red wings won their record-breaking 23rd consecutive home game on Sunday night with a 3-2 win over the San Jose Sharks.

The win toppled a mark that had stood for more than 80 years, a record that many considered unbreakable.

On the list of hockey's unbreakable records it is hard to overlook Wayne Gretzky. The great one has 61 individual NHL records, the vast majority of which will probably never be broken.

To put Gretzky in perspective, his assist total of 1,963 would put him ahead of Mark Messier's 1,887 points. Messier is second all-time in points to Gretzky's 2,857. Gretzky's 894 goals is also a career record.

But, as the Red Wings proved last night, there are plenty of unbreakable NHL records that don't include Gretzky. In addition to the Wings win streak of 23 home games - and counting - here are a few other NHL records that probably won't fall anytime soon.

Most consecutive games played: Doug Jarvis - 964

From 1974 to 1987 Doug Jarvis didn't miss a game. He broke into the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens on opening night of 1974 and played in every single one of his team's games for the next 13 years.

The active streak is held by Calgary Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester who has played in 564 games as of February 20, 2012. Bouwmeester could theoretically catch Jarvis, he would have to finish this season and then play five more seasons, until age 33, without missing a single game.

Most goals scored by a rookie: Teemu Selanne - 76

In the 1992-93 season, a 22-year-old Selanne lit the hockey world on fire with a 76 goal rookie season, shattering the previous record of 53 held by Mike Bossy. Selanne's feat was the last time any player has scored 70 goals in a season and one of only eight times in league history a player has reached that plateau.

No rookie has even topped 40 goals since Selanne's feat making it highly unlikely that anyone will top that season.

Most Stanley Cup wins as a player: Henri Richard - 11

Tying the great Bill Russell for total number of rings, Richards is a bit more impressive as he got every one as a player. The younger brother of Maurice Rocket, Richard, one of the best goal scorers in NHL history, Henri surpassed his brother in cups at least.

Richard played 20 seasons for he Canadiens, and his 1,256 games for them is a club record.

Oldest player in an NHL game: Gordie Howe - 52 years 11 days

Gordie Howe first suited up in an NHL game in 1946 for the Detroit Red Wings, he last played for the Hartford Whalers in 1980; bookends on a career that spanned 1,767 NHL games, and 476 World Hockey Association games.

Howe retired from the Red Wings in 1971, but joined the world of professional hockey again the following season when his sons were signed to play in the WHA. He played all five seasons of WHA hockey, and when the New England Whalers were folded into the NHL as the Hartford Whalers, he got one more NHL season.

No player has ever played past the age of 48, except Howe.

Most goals in one game:  Joe Malone - 7

This is one of the few scoring records that Wayne Gretzky doesn't hold; his personal best was five in a single game.

Malone's seven goal game has stood as the most for the last 92 years and that amount of time leads one to wonder if it will ever be topped. Malone got his seven in a 10-6 win for the Quebec Bulldogs over the Toronto St. Patricks.