Nick Gordon broke his silence Wednesday evening after Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt Pat Houston revealed she was moved to hospice care. Her condition had “deteriorated,” Houston said. But Gordon apparently is not going to give up on Bobbi Kristina, the person he once called his wife.

“We keep praying, she has fought hard this long don't give up hope,” he wrote in a succinct message on his Twitter account. Although his page is not verified, it’s probably authentic since he has more than 44,000 followers. He didn't address Brown directly, but it seems probable he was referring to her. 

Brown, 22, has been in a medically induced coma after she was found Jan. 31 in a bathtub accident in her Atlanta home, which was eerily similar to the way her mother, Whitney Houston, died in 2012.

Her family made the decision to move her to hospice care after a brain specialist told them she has "global and irreversible brain damage," a lawsuit filed by Brown’s conservator said. The lawsuit also stated that Gordon manipulated Brown to believe they were married so he could control her and steal her money. Gordon did not issue a response to the lawsuit.

Bobbi Kristina Brown After being comatose and hospitalized for more than four months, Bobbi Kristina Brown is being moved into hospice care. Photo: Getty Images

At the time this article was written, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Leolah Brown did not issue a statement. Throughout her niece's hospitalization, Leolah has been vocal on social media.

Also active on social media is cousin Jerod Brown. Like Gordon, he had a simple message for Bobbi Kristina: “Pray for BK,” he wrote. He posted a picture of himself holding a T-shirt with the same message.  

In her official statement, Pat Houston said Brown was “in God’s hands,” but there are some family members who maintain hope. "She is still alive and her heart is beating so there's hope. God can perform a miracle," a source told People magazine.

"No one is giving up on her. Everyone just wants to make sure she's in the right place for her to get the best treatment she can get," the source added. "We want America to remember to pray for Bobbi Kristina. Pray for her, because a miracle could still happen."

As of Wednesday, Brown remained unresponsive. Police do not suspect Gordon of foul play, though the conservator's lawsuit alleges he abused and stole from Brown. The lawsuit it seeking $10 million in damages. 

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