It’s not the best timing, but Nick Jonas still grabbed the chance to share with fans a photo of himself from the set of the “Jumanji” sequel while Atlanta is being battered by a tornado. The “Under You” crooner also included his co-star Karen Gillan in the pic update.

On Wednesday, Jonas took to Instagram to share a photo update from the set of his upcoming film. In the photo, Jonas and Gillan both have serious expressions. Both are also sporting jackets as protection for the strong wind outside of their filming set.

According to the actor-singer, he and his castmates were “seeking shelter from the tornado and thunder” when he took the pic. It wasn’t clear who else was with them on the set, but Jonas did mention that while taking the snap, actor Jack Black was singing for them.

The National Weather Service revealed that while Atlanta was battling heavy storms, a tornado touched down near the city in Georgia. This led the agency to issue a tornado warning to the affected counties in the area, as per the latest CBS News report on the national disaster.

Though the storm was sweeping through the city, Jonas and the cast and crew were still working hard to film scenes for the sequel of the 1995 hit flick. On Wednesday morning, lead star Dwayne Johnson was spotted by Just Jared arriving on the set with his rugged costume for the film. The professional wrestler-turned-actor reportedly joined Black, Gillan and Kevin Hart to film a scene.

A few days ago, Johnson also took to Instagram to show fans a stunt he was filming indoors because the vines of the Hawaiian jungles were incapable of supporting his 260-pound body. He also assured fans that the wires they were using on the set were strong enough to even hold up to 12 adult buffaloes.

Last week, Jonas also gave fans another behind-the-scenes look at their preparation for the film. However, instead of showing a serious side of their work, the “Levels” singer showed fans the fun of shooting Black with a mini nerf gun.

Aside from Jonas, Gillan, Black, Johnson and Hart, the new “Jumanji” also stars "Third Watch" series actor Bobby Cannavale. The movie is expected to hit cinemas in December of next year.