Nick Lachey has done the seemingly impossible. No, he did not reunite 98 Degrees and knock Rihanna from the top of the charts. Instead, Lachey got kicked out of a football game on Sunday.

A National Football League game is a chance for fans of boths team to boo, yell or cheer along with tens of thousands of other people. At times, there is alcohol involved and sometimes words that are not fit to print get yelled, but apparently Nick Lachey went too far on Sunday as he cheered on his Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals were playing the San Diego Chargers Sunday in San Diego. Lachey posted a photo to his Twitter account of Qualcomm Stadium, but his next tweet three hours later raised the curiosity of many. Lachey simply said, “Just got kicked out of the chargers stadium and couldn't be prouder! Go Cincy Bengals! #whodey”

TMZ posted a video that showed Lachey getting escorted out of the stadium by security along with several other unidentified individuals. Lachey could be seen wearing a Bengals T-shirt but the video did not capture what caused the commotion and Lachey's expulsion.

In the report, TMZ said it was Lachey's trash talk that got him kicked out. The Bengals were the visiting team and chances are Lachey was surrounded by Chargers fans.

There has been no further insight into the incident other than an additional tweet by Lachey where he said “Majority of charger fans were awesome yesterday, thanks for the hospitality! Sadly, there is always one guy that ruins it for everyone.....”

Lachey got the last laugh as the Bengals beat the Chargers, 20-13.