Nicki Minaj has caused quite an uproar by posting an Instagram video of what appears to be her making fun of a woman in a wheelchair. The "Anaconda" rapper shared the short video Saturday night following a hosting gig at Las Vegas nightclub 1OAK.

According to TMZ, Minaj and her entourage were leaving the venue when the incident happened. In the video, Minaj is dressed as a fairy princess and holding a fake magic wand as she laughs with her friends.

At one point, the 32-year-old points the wand at something off-camera and says, "Walk. I command you to walk." When the camera pans around, a woman in a wheelchair is seen with her back toward Minaj and her crew.

Minaj captioned the video "Sheika was not wit the s---- last night.” Almost immediately fans started commenting on the clip, lashing out at the rapper for mocking a disabled person.

"All you f---king nicki minaj wack-a-- fans need to stop condoning this s---," one commenter posted on the Instagram video. "Because I’m sure you’ll be mad if she was coming at your disabled mother like that.” Another fan simply noted that the video "wasn't funny."

Minaj has yet to comment on or explain the video, but a few of her fans have fired back in her defense, saying that Minaj didn't poke fun at a disabled person, and the woman in the wheelchair is her friend and makeup artist Sheika Daley. The fans claim Daley was allegedly too drunk to walk following the 1OAK party so she hopped in a motorized wheelchair.