Nicki Minaj raps endlessly about her stacks of money, expensive clothes, cars and all the other luxuries that come with being one of the most famous -- and overrated -- rappers on the planet. But despite that love of all things material, her bold-faced endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on the new Lil' Wayne mixtape shows that she's willing to put her vote where her Louis Vuitton purse is.

Minaj's words, which stunned the hip-hop world which has long had a love affair with President Barack Obama (see songs like "My President" by Young Jeezy), can be heard on the track "Mercy," off Weezy's new "Dedication 4" mixtape, which hit the Web over Labor Day weekend and featured appearances Minaj, Lil Mouse, and a number of other artists.

"I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b----es is f---ing up the economy," Nicki Minaj raps during her bars on the "Mercy" track.

Some outlets don't believe the hype -- The Atlantic Wire opined that "If you really believe Nicki Minaj is going to vote for Mitt Romneybased on a lyric, then you might also be inclined to also believe she's a gold-toothed brain-eating monster with billion dollar credit."

But it's shocking nonetheless to hear a leading African-American entertainer saying she supports the white GOP pick who in one poll last month actually got ZERO percent of the black vote, and using rhetoric about people hurting "the economy" being "lazy," which could be a Republican talking point if it weren't so vulgar. 

Whether or not Nicki MInaj actually votes for Mitt Romney in November may never be known, as who an individual votes for is not something that enters the public record.

Nas started a minor controversy a few years back when he and Jay-Z recorded a track for the Nas album "Hip Hop Is Dead" called "Black Republicans" in which lyrics the include the following, "I feel like a black Republican, money I got coming in."

But not just rappers have made waves by toying with the idea that they are Republicans despite filling roles that seem more aligned with the views of the average liberal Democrat.

For instance, Johnny Ramone, one of the beloved members of the pioneering New York City punk band the Ramones, was a registered Republican despite the counter-culture and young image the Ramones projected before they broke up and their members started to die off.

Don King, the boxing promoter behind such fighters as Mike Tyson, is a registered Republican, which actually may make sense considering he is a master at bringing poor individuals out of poverty and to super-stardom (Tyson was born poor in Brooklyn and became a multi-millionaire, though he lost most of his money a few years later.)

Alice Cooper, despite his years of crazy rock concerts, drugs and womanizing, voted for George W. Bush in 2000 AND 2004. That's a red-blooded metalhead right there.

Rapper 50 Cent has some form of bond with W., as he expressed one time in an interview, according to BuzzFeed: "I actually like Bush. In some ways, I'm the George W. Bush of hip hop, nobody likes me, but I'm still gonna run it for the next four years."

And LL Cool J was in attendance at the 2004 Republican National Convention, in the crowd as the GOP feted its incumbent president a couple months before Bush beat John Kerry in the general election.

Even Adam Sandler, the beloved childish funnyman and comedian, is a Republican. Guess you can never really truly know anyone.