Move over, Charlie Brown. There's a new Turkey Day anthem in town.

"Oh oh oh it’s Thanksgiving. (alright) We we we are gonna have a good time. With a turkey, eh mash potatoes eh, and we we we are gonna have a good time."

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and likely, you have these lyrics stuck in your head, thanks to Nicole Westbrook, a 12-year-old independent artist whose music video for "It's Thanksgiving" went viral on YouTube.

“I had no idea how big this would get,” Westbrook told “It’s so overwhelming but at the same time it’s so great. I’ve never experienced this before. I haven’t listened to any of the comments, so I don’t know how exactly people are taking this, but it’s so big right now so it’s great.”

For many, the song sounds almost identical to Rebecca Black's "Friday," which garnered much interest -- not to mention disinterest from cyber bullies -- online. Perhaps the track sounds so similar since Westbrook has the same producer as Black: Patrice Wilson of PMW Live. Wilson thought up the lyrics of the song as well as the music video concept (using a turkey as a microphone) but officially is responsible for getting exposure for young, independent artists as well as dealing with their criticisms.

“Patrice had told me it was so hard for her [Black] because she gave into all the negative feedback,” Westbrook said. “I’m just not like that. I’m staying as far away from that as I can. I’m at a good age and know what I should and shouldn’t read. They’re entitled to their own opinions.”

Some of these opinions include comments ranging from praise, "nice catchy little tune," to downright mean, "im [sic] deaf, and this even sounds bad to me."

But one opinion Westbrook does take to heart is her parents' advice. “They are just so happy, but at the same time they are really protective of me," Westbrook said of her parents. "They’re really excited, but also maybe a little worried that I still stay grounded."

Westbrook stays grounded with a little help from her friends, the same group who appear in the video with her.

“They are just so excited. They just helped me through it. Even with the negative comments, they had so much fun. They can’t stop talking about it.”

And they're not the only ones who can't stop talking about "It's Thanksgiving." So far, the video has been viewed more than five million times, one of the biggest factors of Westbrook's comparison to Rebecca Black. But Westbrook doesn't mind it, especially since she has another music video on the way produced by Wilson.

“I feel like people view us as being really similar, but I’m probably a lot different than her in many ways. They’ve both gotten so many hits and people are talking about it. I guess this is like another déjà vu.

“It’s not the best thing to be compared to someone else, but I’m OK with it. I don’t really mind. But she is really great and she went through the same things as I do.”