NBC’s “The Night Shift,” which premiered on Tuesday, May 27, introduced viewers to a hot new cast (with some familiar faces) and intense story lines.

Set in San Antonio, Texas, the new medical drama deals with a group of Army doctors who return to civilian life by working the night shift at a hospital. But there is more to the show than just the usual bloody surgeries and unexplainable illnesses. The hospital is at risk of losing funding and shutting down; and the staff could care less as long as their patients are being treated.

So, why should you tune in to yet another medical drama? We’ve got three reasons for you to watch “The Night Shift”:

A Juicy Love Triangle

Meet Jordan Santos (Jill Flint), the new head of the night shift. Bent on making a difference at the hospital she loves to work at, Jordan is forced to juggle patients, her demanding boss and disorderly co-workers, including her ex-boyfriend, T.C. Callahan (Eoin Macken).

Despite their back and forth bickering, the chemistry between the pair is still there. But what Jordan doesn’t know is that her new night shift friend, Dr. Landry de la Cruz (Daniella Alonso), is T.C.’s new girlfriend.

Let the drama begin.

A Hot New Villain … With A Heart

ragosa Freddy Rodriguez as Ragosa in "The Night Shift." Photo: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

From the second you lay eyes on Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez), you immediately hate him. Overseeing the night shift’s budget, he constantly makes threats to close them down and squashes any of the doctor’s requests that might cost the hospital more money.

And your dislike for the character only grows after he fires the lovable T.C. … who has a nasty habit of fighting … and punched Ragosa in the face.

However, “The Night Shift” surprised viewers by introducing another side of Ragosa by the end of the episode. During a life-or-death surgery on a young boy who was in a car accident, it was Ragosa who suggested a life-saving measure that had stumped the doctors. Despite T.C.’s issues with Ragosa, he was grateful for his suggestion and even developed a little respect for his superior. (And T.C.’s respect was cemented when Ragosa “got even” with T.C. by punching him in the face and allowing him to keep his job.)

But the real twist came later when it was revealed that Ragosa’s eyesight was deteriorating, a condition which had forced him to drop out of medical school.

Funny Antics

The medical issues, love triangle and Ragosa’s threats are enough to draw you into “The Night Shift.” However, it’s the hilarious antics of the supporting cast that make you want to stay and watch.

When a patient without insurance displays signs of having a tumor, Topher (Ken Leung), a doctor, is forced to do some tricky negotiating in order to get her a scan. But in order to do the unauthorized scan for free, the technician wants Topher to give him liposuction. Topher tells him that he’s not a plastic surgeon, and the technician tells him to find one. Topher does just that, but the plastic surgeon wants $25,000. And since that’s not feasible, Topher and the plastic surgeon make a deal -- he’ll do the liposuction as long as Topher sets him up on a date with the hot new intern, Krista (Jeananne Goossen).

You can watch “The Night Shift” when it airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT, or click HERE to watch the premiere episode. Will you be tuning in? Did you already watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.